Everything about slot machines

Online slots have always remained immensely popular among gamblers. They come in simple designs, are easy to play, and have interesting story lines. Very importantly, most of the online slot machines that you see are designed by world class game producers such as Betsoft, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc. Online casinos like bestonline-casino.info/ have fair and transparent slots that offer great payouts. Carry on reading this slot guide.

Kinds of online slot machines

Classic slots have very simple gameplays; you simply click Spin button and if you land a winning combination, you win your game. These slots have interesting symbols such as bars, bells, whistles, 7s, etc. Classic slots may have 3 or 5 reels; many newbies like these slots because of low bet monies involved. Video slots are similar to Classic ones, but there is one critical difference.

These slots have unique storylines and are marked by two kinds of symbols. The high paying icons are aligned to the particular slot' storyline. A marine based slot could have an anchor as its profitable icon. Video slots have some standard symbols too such as Ace, Ten, King, Queen , jack, etc. You can understand these symbols and their values by looking up at the slot's paytable.

  • Slots can be played on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • They can be played for free or real money
  • Never wager on public WIFI

In addition, some slots have Wilds, Multipliers and Scatters too. These symbols improve your chances of winning dramatically. Wilds are symbols that substitute for the missing icons in a winning combinations. There are several kinds of Wilds- Sticky, Stacked, Expanding and Marching Wilds. Scatters help you get free spins and other bonus features in your slots. Multipliers can help you earn x2, x3 or more on your base earnings.

Slot machines and technology

Modern online slots can be played on all kinds of devices. You can download and install these games on your device. Many slots, however, don't need to be installed. Simply launch their URLS on your address bar and launch those games. Your information will be saved on your slots even after you stop playing. Most online slots are supported by all the major browsers.

Online slots and RTP

Every online slot is defined by its Return to Player percentage or RTP. If a slot has an RTP of 98%, it means this slot returns money 98% of the times. If a player invests $10 on this slot 10 times, this machine can return $980 over a period. Some slots have a varying RTPs. A slot could have low and high RTPs at the same time.


Some slots are highly volatile, and you can win or lose big amounts of money very quickly in these games. There are slots that have low to medium volatility and here you can win or lose small amounts of money gradually over a period. All good online casinos provide you information about their slots' volatility and RTP. You might like slots that are moderately volatile.

  • Slots can be played on IOS and Android systems effortlessly.

Manual versus Auto game play

You can play your slot manually on your preferred device. Just choose your bet level, coin value and other parameters, and click the 'Spin' button. If you don't like clicking this button repeatedly, you can choose the number of spins and select the Auto mode. Ensure that you have the right software in your machine before playing your slot. Check your internet settings.

Are online slots fair?

Every online slot is run by a complex computer program called the Random Number Generator. When you click the Spin button, the RNG generates random numbers and their sequences. There is no human intervention at all. That is why the slots of all the licensed casinos are fair and trustworthy. Also, there is no way anyone can hack the RNG software. This software is regularly checked by gambling regulators.