Recommended List Of Social Escort Agencies In Singapore

First of all, we do not know if all the companies listed below are registered. It is your duty to find out if they’re registered and legal businesses before engaging any of their services. We shall not hold any liability whatsoever if you choose to select one of them.

Here are some of the best social escort agencies in Singapore you can find for local girls. I know there are agencies in Singapore selling escort services by foreigners, but what’s the point of coming to Singapore, and then engaging a foreign girl? Makes no sense. If you want a Singaporean girl, then read on:

1. SG Model Escorts
Specializing in local girls, SG Model Escorts is definitely one of the better agencies out there in Singapore. Most other websites look dodgy, so this is among the better ones so I’m sharing it in this article. Hope it helps. I would say that their local girls are really beautiful and if you’re looking for a normal date, they’re definitely your top choice. However, if bringing the social escort to a big business events where you want them to engage in business speak, then it’s better to engage the next agency in this list…

2. SG VIP Escorts Agency
Also specializing only in local Singaporean/PR girls, SG VIP Escorts Agency is the go-to company for hyper attractive local girls who are extremely hard to get (e.g. they’re mostly smart, educated in the day time and experienced with accompanying clients to big business or public events). If you want a highly educated beauty who can ‘talk business’ with others at your business convention at highly reasonable rates, then SG VIP Escorts Agency is definitely your best choice.

I have to put a disclaimer that does NOT specialize only in local girls. So please take note when you’re on their website and want to pick a girl, as there are quite a number who are foreigners (though they also offer social escort services by local Singaporean girls). Their girls are really beautiful, but they also hurt your pocket quite a fair bit, so keep that in mind.

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