Life As An Escort Girl In Singapore

Click here if you are looking for a social escort job in Singapore. Otherwise, if you want to find out more about life working as an escort girl in Singapore, read on.

Most girls who provide social escort services do so on a part time basis. This means that they are often university graduates or diploma graduates, and are working professionals. However, most of these women who join the trade are highly attracted by the easy and fast money and the fun of dating many successful men without any strings attached. There are many escorts who make more than a full time income working as one, however, most of them still hold onto a day job. This is simply because it is easier to tell others what you do at your day job when others ask you about work instead of telling them about your social escort work when many people in Singapore are still highly conservative. I personally don’t think you should care what on earth other people think of you.

There are girls who start their own business in the social escort industry, but most women simply join an agency, simply because it’s much easier to get customers through joining an agency. If you’re not an avid marketer or consistently working on getting customers full time, chances are, it’s quite hard for your business and income to grow. With the right agency, you’ll consistently get customers without you lifting a finger – other than providing your very best photos and description of yourself to the agency upon application.

Most girls never tell their future significant other or any of their family members about their job as a social escort. This is because SG is not exactly a liberal country, and so many girls feel uncomfortable sharing such news – especially with future significant others who may not like it or family members who may keep giving disapproving looks daily to them although it’s nothing illegal at all.

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