Is It Legal To Engage Social Escort Services In Singapore?

As a foreigner visiting Singapore, it’s common practice to want to hire social escort services. However, as Singapore has a very conservative (culturally, not politically) climate, are social escort services legal in Singapore? The answer is, yes.

There are a few requirements that you should look out for before engaging a social escort agency.

    • First of all, it is important that the agency you engage is actually registered with the Singapore government’s ACRA. This is important otherwise the business would be considered illegal. The agency you engage must be officially registered with the government, and this is usually displayed with a public UEN number on their website, otherwise, if the agency is not registered and gets into trouble, you may get into legal issues as well. That’s why it’s very important to only work with publicly registered social escorts agencies. You can check out SG VIP Escorts if you want a registered social escort agency to engage in Singapore.
  • Second of all, the social escort services must not include sex or sexual services. This is very strict, and the company should have made clear to you upon signing up. If they do explicitly tell and try to sell you sexual services by their escorts, run away from them. This is explicitly against the law in Singapore, and both you and the agency can get into trouble. Keep in mind that the money and fees you pay is for the escorting only, and does not include sexual services. If you and the escort enter into relationship (either sexual or not), it is a personal choice between two consenting adults.

If you’re looking for fun in Singapore, then social escort services are definitely the way to go if you’re loaded!

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